TOEFL Overview


Which exam should you take ?

Many  international  institutes  accept  both  TOEFL  and  IELTS  as  a  proof  of  English  proficiency  but  TOEFL  certification  is  generally  demanded  by  North  American  institutes  and  IELTS  for  institutes  in  UK,  Australia,  New  Zealand,  Ireland,  South  Africa  and  a  few  other  countries .  IELTS  is  also  taken  by  people  looking  to  migrate  to  such  countries .

Below are a few key differences between the two tests :

Administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Uses U.S English

Sections 1. Reading 2. Listening 3. Speaking 4. Writing

Scores Total 0-120 points

Cost Around US $160-US $205 depending on location

Administered by British Council, the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and IDP Education Australia

Uses U. K. English

Sections 1. Reading 2. Listening 3. Speaking (1 on1) 4. Writing

Scores Between 0-9

Cost Around US $ 205 depending on location

Advantages of preparing with P.I.E


  • The average scores achieved by our test-takers are : TOEFL : 90+ IELTS : 6.5+
  • Content that has been updated and tested for over 10+ years with proven results
  • Instructors with years of experience , who were top scorers themselves .
  • Numerous mocks, periodical reviews and essential feedback from instructors .
  • Speaking modules in every class to gain fluency .
  • Practice materials available on P.I.E’s website accessible from anywhere .
  • Based on your schedule you can join 1 of 3 types of batches
Regular – 3 months – 3days/week Executive – 3 months – Fri & Sat Crash – 1 month – 4days/week