•  a specialized team of quality managers, counselors, and editors offering the right advice and counseling in accordance with profiles, requirements, and aspirations
  • robust quality processes to ensure that each shortlist undergoes multiple reviews and all documents undergo layered checks
  • add-on service such as discounted courier service, ticketing assistance, and travel insurance
  • ongoing meticulous research about programs, colleges, application requirements,

Counseling Specialists

  • undergo rigorous training in profile assessment and shortlisting
  • adept in understanding
    • college application requirements
    • financial and visa documentation
  • adopt a unique and scientific selection process
  • in shortlisting from a wide range of colleges
  • conduct simulated admission and visa interviews
  • provide end-to-end support and guidance during the entire process

Editing Specialists

  • possess detailed insight into elements o customized college application
  • brainstorm essays and /or SoPs with student to showcase their:
    • interests
    • talents
    • academic achievements
    • extracurricular activities
  • fine-tune written documents for content, structure, tone, and grammar

DHS’ Services


  •  Work on students’ profile with professional team of admission counselors, handlers and visa experts.
  • Assist students in finding a place in our authorizing institutes and institutes of their choosing.
  • Match students’ academic achievements to university that offer scholarships.
  • Assistance in financial planning and documentation.
  • Use our checks and balances approach to ensure student profiles are free from even the smallest of errors.


Value added services of DHS

  • Assist in brainstorming college essays and/or SoPs so that interests, talents, academic achievements , extracurricular activities are presented immaculately.
  • Simulated Admission and Visa interviews are conducted.
  • Discounted courier charges, ticketing assistance, and travel insurance.
  • Aid in arranging travel visas for parents so they can accompany students and help them settle abroad.