Scholarship Opportunities for Overseas Students

If you are planning to study abroad, scholarship opportunities must become an essential part of your financial planning and application process. Scholarships not only make education affordable but also opens up access to the best institutions in the world.

As an international student there are many kinds of scholarships available to you. Universities, private-sector, and governments are investing heavily in education. This gives you the chance to apply for many public or private scholarships and financial aid programs. Many of these scholarships are conditional. Here is a list of some common scholarships for international students;


The most common type of scholarships when we think of college/university scholarships. These are awarded based on a student’s excellence. They are broadly divided in three categories;

  • Academic Scholarships — are given to students who have excellent academic grades and have performed well on standardized test (i.e. SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT). Can be funded by the institution or by a private organization.
  • Average Academic Performance Scholarshipsthese scholarships factor in more than just your academic grades or standardized test performance. They are given on basis of your overall performance and will see whether you have done any extra-curricular activities or contributed to your community or society in any way.
  • Sports ScholarshipsInternational student athletes can receive sports scholarships. These scholarships are very competitive and the best opportunities are in United States.

Need-Based Scholarships

Many universities and colleges give need based scholarships or fee waivers. Only a handful of these scholarships are available International students. You may ask your guidance counselor to see if the university you are applying to provide these scholarships or not.

Institution Specific Individual Scholarships for International Students

Many colleges and universities have scholarships for International students who fill certain criteria. You many receive individual scholarship for pursuing a particular are of study or field of research, for example, engineering. Private donations from alumni usually cover these scholarships.

Country-specific Scholarships

There are many institutions that offer scholarships from certain countries. Especially, if you belong to a developing country you may check with the institution if they have a scholarship or grant available for you.

Government-funded Scholarships

Many developed nations like United States, France, Germany, China, and Japan, offer many scholarship programs at both grad and undergrad level. Other international organizations like European Union, United Nations, Commonwealth, also offer scholarships or fellowship programs for international students. Here is a list of few well known scholarships:

  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Japanese Government Scholarships – Monbukagakusho (MEXT)
  • European Union Scholarships – Erasmus Mundus
  • DAAD Scholarships and Funded Programs from Germany
  • Chinese Government Scholarship
  • Turkey Burslari
  • World Citizen Talent Scholarship
  • Australia Awards Scholarship

Privately Funded Scholarships

Private organizations or donors have funding and scholarship programs for some international students who fulfill strict eligibility requirements such as;

  • Belong from an impoverished or developing country
  • Mainly for women
  • Belongs to a minority group
  • Focusses on a specific area of studies

A point to remember is, scholarships are hard to get. If you want to fully or partially finance your study by means of a scholarship, you must plan ahead and work hard. Your guidance counselor will you research options and apply for all the scholarships you are eligible for. The earlier you apply, the better you can prepare yourself and meet the requirements.

Your guidance counselor can also help you explore other options, like tuition fee waivers, student loans, and in-state or local tuition fee structures where applicable.

How PIE Guidance Counselors help you

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Based on your profile PiE counselors can optimize your options through their in-depth knowledge of all the international study options and opportunities.

PiE has an extensive network of international partnerships, and can help you connect with the right options globally.

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