SAT Overview



The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that tests students’ knowledge of reading, writing and basic mathematics up to high school level. The SAT examinations are held 6-7 times a year and has a total score of 1600.

Students take SAT to seek admission in colleges and universities in USA and most importantly to secure scholarships in such universities . Also, local universities have their entrance examination format similar to SAT and thus if you have a high SAT score, you often don’t have to sit for a local university’s entrance exam!

Advantages of preparing with PIE

  • Reading is an essential skill for excelling in the SAT and at PIE you go through extensive reading exercises .
  • The SAT tests a student’s ability to analyze and PIE helps to develop this ability .
  • Test preparation content is updated with each SAT exam .
  • Full length mocks can be taken numerous times to develop an acute idea of time .
  • Full length mocks can be taken numerous times to develop an acute idea of time .
  • Assessment and feedback on practice tests and mocks are provided so that you are aware of your flaws .
  • Vocabulary building and implementation exercises can be undertaken .
    Access to countless practice materials so you can stay back after class and put in extra effort .
Component Time Allotted (min.) Number of Questions/ Tasks
Reading 65 52
Writing & Language 35 44
Essay (Optional) 50 1
Math 80 58
Total 180 (230 with Essay) 154 (155 with Essay)

SAT Prep fee:

tk. 15,000(Exclusive of VAT)

The above package covers 3 and half months of prep classes, books, diagnostics and mock tests, and extra sessions for weaker students.

Personalized sessions and individual classes are available. Call us for details.

When should I register for the SAT?

We suggest that you sign up for the SAT when you are comfortable with the test and have completed all assignments related to your course. In other words, don’t plan to take the SAT directly after the course is over, in the event that you need more time to practice. However, we do NOT suggest waiting more than 60 days after the course to take the SAT. The deadline to actually register for an SAT exam is usually four to five weeks before the test date. The SAT is offered four times a year in the following months: October, December, March, and May. Students should carefully consider factors like the availability of the test date, the length of time it will take to fully prepare for the exam, and the deadlines of the colleges they will apply to when constructing their overall college admission timeline.

Schedule the exam:

  • After the course has completed (but not immediately after to allow for extra study time)
  • Before 60 days from the end of the course (so information is still fresh)
  • Registration deadline is usually 4-5 weeks prior to the test
  • Only 4 SAT exams each year: October, December, March, and May.
  • Consider college deadlines, preparation times, and test date availability before scheduling

How and when shall I register for the SAT?

You must do the SAT Test registration at least 6 weeks in advance of the test date.

You may contact PIE Branch offices for registration details.

You need a passport size picture, a photocopy of your passport and the registration fee.

When can I give the SAT Subjects Tests?

SAT Subject Tests are available internationally in October, November, December, May, and June.

There are 21 SAT Subject Tests available. You must register for the test 6 weeks in advance.

How much does it cost to take the SAT Test?

SAT Registration fee is Tk.11000

How long does it take to get my scores back?

You may look up your scores online through the College Board website two to four weeks after your exam at

How many times can I take the SAT?

If the colleges you are planning to apply to only require you to send your highest test scores, you can now take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests as many times as you want. Colleges will only see the scores you want to send them! If the colleges you are planning to apply to require you to send all of your test scores, we recommend you take the SAT a maximum of three times.

When should I start preparing for the SAT?

Because the SAT is the most important test for college admissions, it is always best to start preparing as early as possible. This allows more preparation time to achieve score goals. For students who aim to apply to top colleges and universities, it is best to start by June before 10th grade. Otherwise, a student should start by the summer before their 11th grade to maximize the effectiveness of our program because there are no distractions such as school homework, projects, exams or any other school activities. Students should start preparing for the SAT no later then the summer before their 12th grade.